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7 Reasons You’ll Like Our North Central San Antonio Office

1. Competence and Skill

Dr. Odmark takes his profession very seriously and with a passion to deliver high quality care that enhances the lives of our practice members. You can count on 30+ years of experience to give you proven results. And, if we feel we cannot help you, we will refer you to the most qualified doctor.

That’s our promise to you.

“We love your office! Everyone is so professional and I love the techniques that you use.”-A.N.

2. Friendliness

When you come to our office, you’re going to enjoy an atmosphere of lighthearted, friendly communication. No one likes to be around a grump (all grumps stay away.)

Sometimes our practice members like our office atmosphere so much that it’s hard to get them to go home! And we love that. Why? Because it’s an atmosphere that we’d want for ourselves. We like to think of ourselves as a “happiness-centered business”.

“My husband hates going to doctors, but he genuinely likes the atmosphere at Lifestyle Chiropractic. He likes the doctors and staff, and always comes home with a smile on his face.” -R.G.

3. Gentleness

Let’s face it. Some people are nervous about chiropractic care because they think the adjustment is going to “hurt”. If you—or one of your family members—fall into this category, you can relax right now. You’ll receive care tailored to your individual needs that’s designed so that you can feel secure, relaxed and confident about your treatment……and have you looking forward to more!

Our treatment is gentle enough for the fragile and elderly, children, and everyone else in between!

“I was really nervous during my first adjustment, and I couldn’t believe that the treatment was so easy and gentle. I wish I had done this a lot sooner!”-K.L.

4. Impeccable Advanced Care

In addition to our chiropractic services, we offer our patients cutting-edge treatment with the “wow” factor. We don’t rest on our laurels……we’re always taking the time to advance our skills and learn new ones at post-graduate seminars and symposiums given all over the country.

You can rest assured that you’re receiving the very best and “latest” in alternative health care and wellness treatment.

5. Your Time

We respect your time. We make every effort to see you at your reserved appointment time and complete your treatment efficiently and in as few visits as possible. We pledge to take the time to educate you, answer all your questions and give you our honest recommendations.

6. Friendly and Gentle Treatment

Chiropractic is more than excellent clinical skills and state-of-the art techniques. Establishing lasting relationships with our patients based upon mutual trust and open communication is an important factor. All of our staff are completely dedicated to caring for our patients with the highest quality service. The result is an atmosphere of friendly competence where you can get the sort of care you need to keep your spine (and body!) healthy for life.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the doctor and staff at Lifestyle. I’ve been a patient there for 16 years and you couldn’t keep me away for anything!”-K.D.

7. Satisfaction

We are committed to providing you with the kind of service we’d want for ourselves. We’ve spent a lot of time working to create an office that delivers what it promises.

Your satisfaction is our goal.
Sound interesting? Please contact our North Central San Antonio chiropractic office to make an appointment today.