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NeuroLink is the brilliant discovery of Dr. Alan Phillips, an osteopathic physician from Auckland, New Zealand. Dr. Phillips is a renowned healer, tireless researcher and advocate of natural health care, and travels to the United States twice a year to present his newest research findings to his American students.

What Is NeuroLink?

NeuroLink is a painless, drug-free and powerful treatment regimen that helps to assure complete brain-body balance and connection.

It’s a 42-step process that requires only three visits. NeuroLink is effective in discovering “broken links” in the body and correcting them. It’s goal is to assure that the connections between the brain and every organ, gland and system is intact.

Two types of patients are attracted to the NeuroLink System:

  • Those that have unwanted symptoms and who have chronic health issues
  • Healthy individuals who are passionate about PREVENTING problems in their bodies

What causes “broken links” in the body’s systems?

  • Physical trauma, impact or injury
  • Surgeries (including dental and cosmetic surgeries)
  • Emotional stress
  • Drugs (prescription, non-prescription, alcohol, tobacco)

If you find yourself in any of the above categories, you would be an ideal NeuroLink candidate.

What are some of the results that people get with NeuroLink?

Here are some of the benefits that our patients have received:

  • Renewed energy, less jet lag after travel, less fatigue from sitting in front of a computer
  • Reduction in muscle soreness
  • Mental clarity, less brain fog, increased ability to learn
  • Improved ability to multi-task
  • Improved digestion in every way
  • Patients end up taking less medications and less supplements
  • Improvement in low back pain, less headaches
  • Can dramatically decrease or eliminate bloating after meals
  • Identifies specific organs that are virus-infected and reduces the symptoms associated with that virus, such as fatigue, nausea,mysterious pains, skin problems.
  • Improves the bio-mechanics of the spine, particularly when it comes to the damage created by herniated and inflamed discs, thereby reducing or eliminating pain in the spine.
  • Extremely effective for reducing the pain associated with ankle and wrist problems and helps those prone to ankle injuries.
  • Greatly assists the body in absorbing water and avoiding “silent” dehydration……this reduces excess water retention, assists with swollen ankles, and helps greatly with all nerve function in the body. This leads to much greater health potential and the ability to heal from within.
  • Helps to root out hidden bacterial infections, which are usually found throughout entire “systems” in the body. Everything in the body then tends to work more efficiently: you feel better, you’re more productive, you feel younger, you heal more quickly.
  • Improves balance in walking, produces a better walking stride
  • Greater mobility in the body with less pain and weakness
  • Identifies and helps to remove mercury toxicity in the body, which is devastating to organs if not controlled. Do you ever wonder why an organ suddenly “goes bad” and no one really knows why?

Get started with NeuroLink Today

NeuroLink is an excellent investment in your health. Please call us today at (210) 496-1066 to set up a “NeuroLink Consultation” to either improve or maintain your state of wellness.

Or, if you would like to talk to one of the doctors first, just Click here to email us.

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