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What Other Doctors Say

Dr. Odmark is one of the very special people in health care. He is driven by his insatiable curiosity and uncompromising commitment to his patients to continuously study and master new methods of healing. I met Dr. Odmark at the first NMT seminar that I taught in 2002 and he has become a friend as well as a colleague of the healing arts. No patient could ask for more from a health care provider than Dr. Odmark provides every patient – world-class technical skills and a heart the size of Texas.

Dr. Leslie Feinberg

Founder of NeuroModulation Technique
Hermiston, Oregon

I can personally vouch for the extensive amount of postgraduate training Dr. Odmark has. I’ve known him for several years, and referred many patients to him, including more than a few who had to drive several hours to see him. He’s treated every one of them with enormous skill and compassion, and I’ve always told patients they were lucky to be in the same city as Dr. Odmark. I often refer to him as the #1 doctor I send patients to.

Dr. Stephen Kaufman

Founder of Neural Facilitation Technique &
Founder of Trigger Point Neutralization Technique
Denver, Colorado

I’ve known Dr. Dean for several years and have referred many patients to him from Georgia. One of the things that I NEVER do is refer to a doctor that I think is just “OK” or “adequate” to get the job done. I happen to be very picky and perfectionist in that area because I always want a patient that I refer to have the very best of care. I want them to have the “wow” factor and get a really great result. I’ve referred probably seven or eight people to Dean over the years and I’ve always received incredible feedback from the folks I’ve referred….which ends up making me look good! Seriously, I give Dr. Odmark and his wife, Jeanne, the highest marks……they have an enviable practice, and do some absolutely incredible specialty work, especially the NCR and NMT work……really unique and powerful. I can’t say enough good things about them!

Dr. Keith Braswell

Austell, Georgia

“Dr. Dean is the greatest! He is one of those doctors who go the extra mile to help his patients by learning new methods. I frequently run into him at seminars and am never surprised that he is there, too! He has a passion for learning that is driven by his desire to help his patients. I trust him to refer my own patients to when they move to his area. I know he will take good care of them. This is the highest form of praise!

Dr. Peggy Bolks, DC, DBCO, CCN, DCBN

Houston, Texas



Dr. Odmark was a classmate of mine in Chiropractic College. We keep running into each other at seminars, and I know that by the seminars he attends he is up on the cutting edge of what’s out there in chiropractic. Any time I’m in San Antonio you can bet I’ll be giving him a call and scheduling myself an appointment.

James Bentz, DC

Anacortes, Washington


I have known Dr. Dean for over 25 years and I’m always amazed by his ability to see the “big picture” of a patient’s total condition and get quickly focused in on specific solutions. I would say that Dr. Odmark goes far beyond the mechanical aspects of competent care; he is much more of what I would deem a “true healer.”

He is truly one of the best, of the best.

Dr. Gordon L. Shepro

Juneau, Alaska



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