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NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR)

NeuroCranial Restructuring (NCR) is a non-surgical, non-drug approach to optimal nervous system functioning…………and it’s unlike ANY treatment currently available today.

NCR creates permanent, incremental improvement in your structure. This allows the body to return to its original design—your most harmonious, pain-free and energetic mode of functioning.

Many people who have undergone NCR work tell us, “if I had my life to do over again, this would be the very first therapy I would do.”

What Are The Potential Benefits of NCR?

  • Helps each person to achieve their optimal physical, emotional and intellectual potential
  • Many people experience an improved appearance without having to resort to cosmetic surgery. That is, their cheek bones may become more prominent, the face becomes more symmetrical, the eyes appear more equally balanced.
  • Very pinched and narrow looking faces can become fuller and more attractive.
  • Bulges in the forehead can disappear as the skull takes on a more natural proportion
  • Wrinkles often diminish creating a more youthful look
  • Offset ears can start to line up
  • Migraine headaches and cluster headaches often completely permanently disappear.
  • Head pressure is alleviated or eliminated
  • Snoring is often reduced or eliminated
  • Breathing through the nose becomes much, much easier
  • Ringing in the ears is often eliminated
  • The pressure behind the eyes often goes away
  • Chronic sinus problems can be a thing of the past
  • Some people have instant improvements in vision and hearing, sense of smell and taste
  • Many people have instant improvements in their posture
  • Double vision can be alleviated or eliminated
  • The clicking, popping, pain and jaw deviation of TMJ can be eliminated
  • Scoliosis can often decrease with much reduced pain
  • Recurrent ear infections can be wiped out
  • Chronic states of nervousness and anxiety can be eliminated
  • Obsessive-Compulsive disorders can improve
  • Sciatica can dramatically improve or be eliminated
  • Aggression can decrease dramatically
  • Long term grief states can be ended
  • Dystonia and torticollis can improve
  • Depression often decreases as more positive attitudes begin to emerge.
  • Many good results are seen with those with sleep apnea
  • Balance problems and vertigo almost always resolve.
  • Nystagmus often rights itself
  • Symptoms associated with head injuries see great improvement
  • Feelings of peace and well-being are common

How Does NCR Create So Many Wonderful Benefits?

Starting with the birth process itself, most of us have sustained all sorts of everyday traumas including lots of childhood falls, car accidents, sports injuries, blows to the head, whiplashes, bending and lifting incorrectly, sitting in front of computers for hours, motorcycle injuries and falling off horses!

All of these everyday bodily injuries can cause the plates of your skull to shift and “lock” into undesirable patterns, shapes and positions, giving you what is called a “locked skull”.

Most of us, though, have no idea how locked up we are.

A locked skull produces lots of unwanted symptoms, and doesn’t allow the brain to function at its very best. This creates physical, emotional and mental/intellectual problems for many people.

To achieve your most functional stability, your head—and through it your spine—must be returned to its optimal shape and position. And this is where NCR really excels!

Through a very specific manipulation of the sphenoid bone (one of the cranial bones), we are able to “unlock” the skull and change long-standing undesirable patterns in the body in a matter of seconds.

NCR Is a Phenomenon

Dr. Odmark was one of the first practitioners of NCR in the United States and received personal instruction through the tutelage of the founder, Dr. Dean Howell.

Since then he has attracted patients from all over the U.S., Canada, Mexico, England, The Netherlands and South America for this extraordinary work.

If you would like to learn more about NCR work, we would encourage you to call our office at 210-496-1066 and ask to be set up for an “NCR Consultation”. Or, if you would prefer, write to us by clicking on the E-Mail Doctor link at the bottom of this page.

Please contact our North Central San Antonio chiropractic office, and let’s arrange a time to explore your options.