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N.A.E.T. (pronounced “Nate”) is an allergy elimination technique that has revolutionized the practice of medicine.

It is completely natural, non-invasive, painless and drug-free. This means that when you come in for a treatment, you can be relaxed, comfortable and unworried about discomfort or the dangerous side effects of drugs.

No allergy shots are required. This means that you save thousands of dollars over the years spent on masking symptoms.

No elimination diets are required. This means that you can eat the foods you want to. It also means that you don’t have to worry about risking embarrassment when you’re out with friends because of stomach or intestinal distress.

N.A.E.T. Is Used Worldwide

N.A.E.T. also has an incredible time-tested and proven track record of success…..over a quarter of a century of results-oriented treatment on almost every continent in the world!

This means that when you decide to eliminate your allergies once and for all, you have an excellent chance of your symptoms improving and the need for medications is often eliminated or reduced. Tens of thousands of people from every corner of the globe have experienced the lasting benefits of N.A.E.T. , so you can be assured that you, too, are making a wise decision when you decide to invest in this treatment program.

Allergies Create Chaos in the Body

When people have allergies or sensitivities to anything in their environment, whether to trees, grasses, pollens, molds, chemicals, drugs, cosmetics or foods of any kind, they can end up having an almost limitless number of symptoms.

Some of the symptoms are PHYSICAL in nature. They can be:
  • Pain anywhere in the body
  • Swelling
  • Headaches or Migraines
  • High blood pressure / Irregular heartbeat / Dizziness
  • Digestive (constipation, bloating, diarrhea, reflux, nausea)
  • Skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis, rashes, hives, itchiness)
  • Congestion / Sinus Infections / Cough / Throat Clearing
Some of the symptoms can be BEHAVIORAL / EMOTIONAL
  • Fatigue / Lethargy / Apathy
  • ADD / ADHD / Delayed Speech / Allergy-related Autism
  • Depression / Social Isolation / Rejection by Peers (Kids)
  • Lack of Focus / Poor Concentration / Brain Fog
  • Aggression / Nervousness / Anxiety

Removing allergy “blockages” can give you a whole new lease on life.

When you eliminate your allergies you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors again, not dread “cedar season”, be able to enjoy a glass of wine without being ill the next day, or gobble down those shrimp without fear of a painful digestive attack in the middle of the night.

You won’t have to feel guilty about not being able to follow through with strict diets for your children with ADD or ADHD, you won’t have to be at your wits end about the behavior of your kids, or experience the anguish of having those kids rejected by their teachers and their peers.

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