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San Antonio Chiropractor | Dr. Dean Odmark

I was a Chiropractic Skeptic

North Central San Antonio Chiropractor, Dr. Dean Odmark

Dr. Dean Odmark

“I admit, I was a skeptic” remembers Dr. Dean Odmark. I had been in a severe car accident in my twenties where I broke my back, and was in constant nagging pain that absolutely nothing seemed to help. More importantly, it was ruining my golf game! I didn’t even consider trying chiropractic because I was told that my injuries were permanent.”

“One day, while struggling to play golf with a guy I had been teamed up with, I happened to mention my accident. Interestingly enough, this “guy” turned out to be a chiropractor, and he insisted that I make a visit to his office to see him.”

I’ll Never Forget My First Chiropractic Adjustment

“It was incredible,” continues Dr. Odmark. “I’ll never forget that first adjustment. It was as if a huge weight was suddenly lifted from my shoulders. I could also feel that large cloud of gloom hanging over my head start to melt away. That’s when I decided I wanted to be chiropractor.”

Dr. Odmark already had his Bachelor of Science degree from Grand Valley State University in Michigan, so shortly thereafter he was accepted at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. During his four years at Palmer, his courses included inorganic and organic chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy and human physiology, x-ray diagnosis and chiropractic adjusting techniques and patient care in the Palmer College Public Clinic. After graduating in 1984, Dr. Odmark relocated to beautiful San Antonio to establish his practice.

Passionate For His Patients And Wellness

“I love our patients,” smiles Dr. Odmark. “They’re like family to me. They teach me so much, and it’s so fulfilling to help improve the quality of their lives. But I also remember the concerns and apprehension I had when I went to the chiropractor for the first time. So we make it a point in our practice to explain everything in advance, answer questions and even attempt to over-communicate. Patients appreciate that.”

Dr. Odmark is also a professional speaker and has spoken to literally hundreds of groups over the years on wellness care and “the art of giving back.” Dr. Odmark still loves his golf, too, and is happy to report that his game has been pain-free for many years!

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